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Millions are affected by the recent Contact Lenses Recall

Pittman, Dutton & Hellums, P.C. is currently investigating serious injuries related to the contact lens recall from CooperVision, Inc. which include these brands: Avaira Sphere, Avaira Toric and Somfed  Breathables. 

More than five million contact lenses have been recalled by CooperVision, Inc. after wearers suffered and reported side effects such as pain, red eye, discomfort, hazy or blurry vision and serious injuries such as corneal abrasions or torn cornea injuries requiring surgery.
CooperVision, Inc. admits the recalled contact lenses contain unintended silicone oil residue left on the lenses from the manufacturing process.  Consumers are urged to discontinue use immediately of the recalled lenses.

PDH represents individuals across the country seriously injured due to defective products such as contact lenses.  If you or a loved one has experienced severe side effects from recalled Avaira Toric, Avaira Sphere or SofMed Brethable contact lenses, please contact attorneys Chris Hellums or Jon Mann today at 1-866-515-8880.

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